Clinton Anderson

During my 16 year career as design director at SAA I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people to build successful brands for many clients. Clinton Anderson was one of our most prolific clients and one of our greatest success stories.

Clinton Anderson is a world-renowned horse trainer who has turned his talent into a multi-million dollar enterprise of interactive training materials, television shows, live performances and retail goods.

Our task was to create a cohesive structure to all of these facets of his business and unify all brand materials and messaging to layout a clear pathway for manageable, exponential growth. 

I was the creative director and lead designer on our initial rollout and have since been involved in both high level strategy and production through out our almost decade long relationship. We’ve worked together to create digital and print campaigns, TV and video, retail environments, custom packaging, exhibits, physical structures and environmental planning.


Stewart & Associates:  Project + Production    |   Darrell Dods + Downunder Horsemanship Photography

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Clinton's live performances are a major revenue generator for Downunder Horsemanship. We worked to create a memorable experience for audience members and connect them to the ability to purchase tack, training  products and memorablilia. We designed specialized shipping crates that would transform into interconnected product displays complete with graphics and illumination, transforming the arena into a full on retail environment.